Winter Kept 025

Long gone are those days in the sun and now are days of chilly weather. 


The weather in NYC is now in the low forties to the high fifties. I'm not looking forward to getting out of bed and out into the cold world. Still, even with this cold weather...I will still be drinking my iced coffee. Morning errands are my time to get everything done earlier in the day, so I can relax in my aesthetically pleasing bed later in the evening. 

Running around doing errands in the morning, requires a non fuss outfit while also having my hands free. More recently, I have gotten more and more into Uniqlo. They are a Japanese brand that is well-known for their well-made basics as well has their puffer jackets/vests. I've gone on a little binge at Uniqlo and have bought several things. One of my favorite things that they offer is their 2-Way Stole. It's a big scarf that could be worn in a poncho type of style. I usually put this scarf around myself if I don't have time to plan any outfits or I am too lazy to dress up. It's perfect for this weather and it's easy to wear. 

Another piece that I recently got from Uniqlo is one of their sleeveless turtleneck sweaters. The have a variety of colors and is now on sale for $19.90. Yes, you heard me! Sleeveless! I know, I know...sleeveless? In this weather? Yes, you heard right! With this does get chilly if you wear this outside by itself. However, paired with the's the perfect combination if you're one of those people who has heat flashes or rapid temperature changes. 

Keeping the outfit simple and clean, I am wearing my trusty Nine West Cigarette Jeans that I love. It fits the body perfectly and stretches to fit any body shape. One of my staples for winter. 

Finally...accessories! My shoes are a vintage piece from my mother. It features a three-inch heel with a suede material. it does have fur lining along the top opening of the shoe. I love wearing some of my mom's old pieces in my wardrobe. I can get creative with looks and bring in new things from past decades. 

The a new addition to my bag collection. It is a Chanel inspired piece. It's inspired from the classic Chanel Boy bag. Currently can't afford a Chanel, but this bag is the next best thing. this bag is the Aldo Greenwald Side Bag. It features a chevron style that is similar to the Chanel Boy and it does have some weight on the bag. As you all know, I have a love of side bags because I need my hands to befree to grab my phone and coffee. (Priorities!) I've loved the Greenwald bag and it's perfect to take everywhere. I tend to wear this bag when I have a darker color scheme for my outfit. 

So long fall, hello winter! Be back next week with another winter outfit!

Top: Uniqlo

Scarf: Uniqlo

Jeans: Nine West

Shoes: Vintage (Similar Style #1 and Similar Style #2)

Bag: Aldo

Photography by Jeannine Atanasoski