Winter Darks 024

Winter is upon us and I'm already to bundle up for the season. (Yes, Winter doesn't come until December 21st.) 

For the most part of the winter season, I have been wearing all black outfits. Usually since it's easier, looks chic and I can rush out of the door. Winter is the season that I hate the most! There is the snow, digging my car out of the snow and getting a red nose because of snow. As you can tell, there is a reoccurring theme here. I just don't like snow. 

 Even though I love wearing monochromatic outfits, I love having a pop of a light color. The vest is a great additional layer that will give you warmth and a teddy bear hug. I love to use this vest as a outfit topper to make it more simplistic.

Black on black will always be the way to go for the winter season. I love wearing these pants that are actually from a previous post! Don't worry, I wear layers underneath. These pants are so versatile that I wear hem for every season. 

Turtlenecks is one of the best pieces you can have for the winter season. It's just like a white tee, you can pair it with anything and it comes in handy for the winter season. Best ways to wear a turtleneck is to pair it with either a jacket or another layering piece. There are so many ways to wear it!

Turtleneck: H&M

Jacket: H&M (Similar Style 1 and 2)

Pants: PacSun (Similar Style)

Shoes: INC (Similar Style)

Photography by Jeannine Atanasoski