White 001

Hey guys!

Welcome to my new fashion blog, Luxe Material!

One of my favorite colors to wear is white (if you consider white a color) and nothing says summer, like a romper. 

 To pair it off, a white leather jacket gives off an edgy vibe while still giving it a classic feel. Going off on the white and neutral vibe, peach colored flats round off with comfort and with the pointed flats, it elongates the legs. 

Sunnies are also a great accessory for everyday wear. It's a great way to get away with no makeup days!  

A watch is also a great accessory to wear. It gives off the uptown vibe without the hassle of downtown arm candy.  

Michael Kors Watch

Romper: Michael Kors Stretch-Cotton Playsuit

Flats: Forever 21

White Leather Jacket: Forever 21

Sunnies: Forever 21

Photography by Azure Maravilla

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