Weekend Vibes 047

It's officially the start of summer! Well...it is, for the Northeast once Memorial Day passes. 


We all know that we're all looking forward to the weekend! At least, I know I am! It's my favorite time of the week and I take my weekends very seriously. However, I do love being able to relax on the weekends. I've been feeling a neutral mood lately. Hence the gray outfit. Yes, I do realize that this outfit is really EXTRA but it does look good! ;) 

Lately, a graphic tee has been my obsession. It's to the point where I have hoarded about 12 tees, since the past few months. If it implies anything with coffee, weekends, cute calligraphy then I'm basically hooked. One of my favorite places to get a graphic tee is Old Navy. They're currently 50% off and I've gotten a few more! (Disclaimer: I was not paid to say this. I genuinely love Old Navy's graphic tees!) They are so soft and have the perfect fit. 

Working in the fashion industry as a fashion blogger can help get you away with wearing more out there pieces for business. I've received so many compliments wearing this midi skirt! It's the first thing that people notice when I walk into meetings and the last thing they see...since it's a trail of glitter. However, it's a great statement piece in general and so different than your typical black pencil skirt! 

See you babes next week! 


Tee: Old Navy

Skirt: MissGuided

Heels: MissGuided

Photography by Isabell Tan