Utilize Me 012

Red lips are the perfect way to look put together!

We all know that cargo shorts were a thing a few years ago. Times have changed throughout the decades and I now present....the utility dress. 

It's a simple way to have tons of places to put your items and also look chic. It's a piece I found hanging in my closet and I instantly found a way I would wear this. The transition period between summer and autumn is so near, it's my last chance to wear come light fabrics! (I'm so excited to shoot fall looks! You guys are going to love them!) Light fabrics are great for your skin to breath and just not be burning hot outside. The dress seems heavy but the actual fabric makes it so easy to wear. I love wearing this when I need to look put together and in a quick pinch. 

Since the dress does have a lot of pockets, I don't have to bother bringing a bag. When I was shooting these pictures with Isabell, I had my car keys and phone in the pockets. It was so easy to not worry about a bag and being able to just carry items minimalistically. 

The outfit itself is very neutral and to add a pop of color, I added a red lip. The red lips ties the whole look together and gives off an effortless look. Nothing like a red lip to look good! Since we are in the weird transition between seasons, the weather is all over the place. Shooting this was still very hot, so I decided to place my hair in a ballet bun. 

I used to take dance classes up until my sophomore year of high school. During my dance classes, I would be known for my buns since it never fell out and always stayed in place. Are you ready for a quick bun tutorial?


4 bobby pins

Hairspray/Dry shampoo

Hair tie 

Step 1. Add some dry shampoo into your hair for some texture and grip. 

Step 2. Make a pony tail either on your crown or in the middle of your head. 

Step 3. Start wrapping the ponytail around the base and continue to place the flyaway underneath. 

Step 4. Spray either dry shampoo or hairspray on the bobby pins. 

Step 5. Insert each bobby pin into the base of the bun. 

Step 6. Douse that bun in hairspray!

AND viola! There ya go! 

We all know that I'm a heel girl and it's a great confidence booster. These heels from Charlotte Russe are actually very comfortable! I had them for a few seasons, so they are no longer available. However, many stores sell similar pairs in the same color! These heels do require a little grip since they are a little slippery. I tend to use sandpaper on the bottom of the heels to get more grip. 

Be on the lookout for my upcoming OOTD posts!

New locations, new fashions and new posts! I'm excited to share them with you!

Dress: Sharagano (Similar Style #1 & #2)

Heels: Charlotte Russe

Lipstick: YSL 55

Photography by Isabell Tan