Through the Woods 021

Oatmeal knits are great for the fall season. As the days get shorter and colder, knits are a great way to stay warm. 

Nature walks are something that is needed after a packed in week of class, working and social events. My week is so packed that sometimes I don't have a day off, but when I do...taking nature walks always brings be back to being relaxed. 

Some of my favorite trails are at the Nassau Museum of Art. Since living in NYC, Nassau Country offers a wide variety of activities. One of my favorite is walking around the gardens and the sculpture garden. It's a great place to have a picnic or have a mini photoshoot! ;) 

Chilly weather means more knits. More knits means I can finally bring out of my favorite sweaters! One of my favorite sweaters in my wardrobe is this oatmeal sweater from Aerie. It's so soft and luxe, that I tend to even wear this to bed when I need a little more warmth. Having a knit sweater is an essential for the fall season. I actually bought this sweater in an XL, mostly for the snuggly affect that sweaters have. 

Black jeans! I live in mine! It's one of the more versatile and comfy pieces in a wardrobe. The Nine West Cigarette Jeans are great for wearing any day! They have stretchy fabric to conform to your shape and they end right at your ankle. (If you're petite, like me!) 

Walking nature trails requires some footwear that are not heels or flats. Riding boots are the best options for wandering about on the estate. My favorite riding boots are my black ones from Unlisted. It's a comfortable shoe that is surprisingly durable. 

Accessories wise? I tend to not carry much with me when I'm on a day of leisure. Usually just my phone, keys, license, some credit cards and some lipstick. I rarely carry cash! With that said, I wear a simple shoulder bag that has enough compartments and lightweight for me to use. Pairing my outfit with dark sunglasses is the finishing piece for this outfit!

Sunglasses: Fashion USA Inc.

Sweater: Aerie (Similar Style 1 & 2)

Pants: Nine West (Similar Style)

Bag: Forever 21 (Similar Style)

Boots: Unlisted

Photography by Isabell Tan