The Neutrals 039

It's finally spring! My favorite season! 


It's been the longest winter that I have experienced for a while! I have been counting down the days where spring would finally come back! I'm ready for rosé nights and bright colors! As a spring baby, my days have been filled with wanting peonies to bloom and to not have to wear heavy jackets. I've been anxiously waiting for the season to come. Finally, I can break out the spring dresses and cute wedges. 

Everyone knows that neutrals are the best since they pair with everything and they also work well together. Cohesively, they are a great color palette to start with for the spring season. Whites and baby pink are just one of the colors that I just so happen to love. (And maybe also have a wardrobe full of them!) 

One of my new favorite pieces in my spring wardrobe is this flowy top from MissGuided. It has a relaxed silhouette that doesn't give urgency to the outfit. There are ties on the sides of the blouse that gives off a romantic vibe. It's the perfect top for vineyard dates or on vacation in Rhode Island. 

This is the object TO DIE FOR. These shoes are beautiful, neutral AND comfortable! The streamline the body since it's a nude color while also allowing the illusion of walking on a thinner stilt. Since it has a clear backing in the actual heels, it makes you seem taller than you really are. The actual sign that these booties are for the spring is the open toe. It's perfect for a pop of color on your toes. 

I'm excited to start having more fun with colors and texture for spring. There's some cute outfits coming soon! ;) 

Top: MissGuided

Jacket: MissGuided

Jeans: MissGuided

Shoes: MissGuided (No Longer Available, Similar Style)

Photography by Isabell Tan