#TBT: Polar Bear Love 035

Nothing like wearing a giant fluffy sweater for the winter. 


Throughout the years of photoshoots and evolving my style, I looked back at some pictures and I got nostalgic. I remember this photo shoot. This was back in the start of 2014 and I did a photoshoot with Jeannine. 

Jeannine and I loved doing photo shoots and we still love doing photoshoots! We used to do them all the time. I loved being in front of the camera and she needed someone to shoot for her portfolio for college. We did so many photoshoots! I have them all saved and I love looking back at them. I found these photos and I remembered that Jeannine and I were trying to figure out angles and lighting. 

When doing a photo shoot, you need to find a groove and get into it. It's a process. After finding that groove, moving in front of the camera becomes more natural and not animated. Playing some of your favorite music helps!

We wanted the photo shoot to be casual and relaxed. Having a cozy sweater and crepe pants created an effortless look that still was put together. The look was for a natural glow that emphasized the high points of the face while still was natural. 

New outfits are on the way!

See you guys next week!


Sweater: H&M (No Longer Available, Similar Style)

Pants: Nordstorm

Flats: Steve Madden

Photography by Jeannine Atansoski