Sunshine Lounging

Having a lazy day in the sun!


Lazy summer days, just like coffee in the morning, is welcome to my day. Having no worries and just sunbathing is a great way to have a lazy day. Sometimes you just need a day for yourself. Getting away from people, technology, and work can give you a mental break that you need. 

When you're emotionally, mentally and physically drained, a breather can just be lounging in the sun. Having a recharge is just what you need. 

One of the simplest outfits that I love to wear during days like these is rompers and dresses. They are easy to wear and just one thing to worry about. This black romper from MissGuided is simple and comfortable! You can dress it up with knee-high heels or wear it down with mules. 

Here are a few ways to have a day for yourself:

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See you next week!

Romper: MissGuided (No Longer Available, Similar Style)

Heels: MissGuided (No Longer Available, Similar Style)

Watch: Michael Kors

Photography by Isabell Tan