Summer White 007

Cruel Intentions. 1999. If you are obsessed with this movie, you should know where they filmed this the beautiful estate of Old Westbury Gardens. 

Old Westbury Gardens is an amazingly beautiful living piece of history. The house and gardens are too beautiful for words. You can take a tour of the main house or walk around at your own pace. 


Yes, I know what you're thinking.

'How can you wear heels when there is so much grass?'

Wedges! I knew in advance about my outfit containing heels. These wedges have a very stable platform and is also light enough for me to walk with. If I wore the traditional heels...I would be sinking into the grass. No bueno! 

The wedges are from Michael Kors. The Jill Metallic-Leather Wedge has an 4.5 inch heel and an 1.5 inch platform which does give support. I know...another Michael Kors piece. I don't have a problem! I just recently have been having a love affair with Michael Kors and that just resulted in some pieces from them. That might sound daunting but the actual wedge is one of my most comfortable wedges. You'll feel like you're just wearing flats. 

Whites are and always a staple choice for summer. You guys know my affair with white. It's one of my favorite colors to wear. (Yes, I am aware that white is not an actual shade of color.) Summer is the season that I break out my whites. Especially with a nice tan! ;) It's the best shade to highlight a tan, in my opinion. 

The white dress from Naked Zebra is one of my favorites. The scalloped arm pieces and length are perfect for any event. It is more of a T-Shirt form and it ties at the waist. I actually have worn this dress for numerous things; a birthday party, beach trip and just for everyday.  

Dress - Naked Zebra

Shoes - Michael Kors Jill Metallic-Leather Wedge (STORE STYLE #: 40S6JIHA1M)

Photography by Rachel Martinez

There is a new app that I am obsessed with: Polariod Sw/ing! It's one of my favorite apps to create a new type of content...and some BTS of my photoshoots. It is available for iPhones as of this time. I do not know if and when it will available for Andriods.