Summer Stripes 044

Sometimes you need to decompress from the city life and just take a moment for yourself. 

While living in NYC is one of the best places to be in, sometimes it does get a little hectic. It's a little draining when you're running to meetings and driving out to Long Island. Now, we all established that I have been very interested in the Gold Coast. There are so many hidden gems that take a little while to find. When you finally found one of those gems, it's beautiful to go to. (AKA...I can't disclose this location cause it's too beautiful and I'm too selfish.) 

Sometimes taking a breather from social media and technology, in general, is a great thing to do. We are all burnt out due to constant viewing on out phones, laptops and tablets. We just need to decompress and even go on a hike. When I'm burnt from constant meetings and emails, I just love to go for a drive and go to either a forest or beach. It's a calming place for me and where I can just have a piece of mind. 

With decompressing from my hectic life, sometimes I tend to not want to have to worry about an outfit. I prefer one piece outfits in the summer since it's the easiest way to get dressed and the majority of the outfits are very flowy. When I saw this at Forever 21, I knew that I had to pick it up. Not only could it work as a coverup for the beach but it can also be dressed up for any event. I already am obsessed with this jumpsuit. This look was one of my most laidback looks since it was just the actual jumpsuit. 

However, if I were to wear this for dinner...I would pair it with a leather jacket and some high heel sandals or some mules. Throw on a red lip and you're out the door!

I'm going to be taking a break for 2 weeks girlies! There are some exciting things happening. And's finals week. If any of you guys didn't know...I'm actually a full-time student while also working on my blog full-time. Wish me luck on my exams! 

Romper: Forever 21

Sunglasses:  Target

Photography by Isabell Tan