Spring Wishes 040

Spring is now upon us and the flowers are slowly blooming. 

File_009 (1).jpeg

My obsession with white clothing is starting! A white spring dress has always been one of my favorite things to wear during spring. The transition time between spring and winter can be a little confusing. However, spring has come into full force in NYC and I'm loving every second of it. 

One of my favorite activities to do during spring is going to all the gold coast mansions. Long Island was once referred to as the Gold Coast. In the late 19th century to the early 20th century, Long Island or more specifically, the North Shore was known for having opulent mansions where big business tycoons lived. It was a playground for the rich and the famous. Some famous mansions that are still around today are Old Westbury Gardens, The Vanderbilt Mansion, and Oheka Castle. Some of them you might recognize! The 1999 movie, Cruel Intentions, was filmed at Old Westbury Gardens and Taylor Swift's music video for Blank Space was filed at Oheka Castle. 

Going to these mansions is an exciting trip. The gardens are maintained and the actual houses are gorgeous. The gardens are great for spring and summer photoshoots. ;) I'm constantly at these places since I love learning about the history of New York. For this look, I was having a romantic and bohemian vibe. Relaxed hair and a flower crown added to the overall aesthetic look. 

Having a white flowing dress is a must in my book for spring/summer. It's the perfect piece to start building your wardrobe as well as being able to have a clean look. One of my newest pieces in my wardrobe is this dress from TOBI. It's a light dress that flows with your body as well as having intricate detail on it. The scallops on the bottom of the dress shows gives it a romantic vibe. 

Are you guys ready for spring? I am! :D 

Dress: Tobi

Shoes: Michael Kors (Style: Jill/Sold Out, Similar Style)

Photography by Jeannine Atanasoski