Mischievous Mauve 014

Guys, remember back a few posts ago, I was talking about finding the perfect bodysuit? I found it! 

I tend to be picky about certain things and bodysuits were something that I wanted to be certain about. I didn't want a body suit that had a deep plunging neckline and ribbed material. Just a simple classic t-shirt bodysuit! I found it one day, strolling in Forever 21. I grabbed it right up and it retails for $10.90! Best deal ever!

I love the look of bodysuits with jeans. It makes the whole outfit look so seamless and effortless. When I tuck in my shirts into my jeans, sometimes it might be too much fabric and cause it to look very busy. So...I'm going to be stocking up on the bodysuits that I'm loving! 

Along with the bodysuit, I have been obsessing over this leather jacket. It's a great way to incorporate pink into your wardrobe as well as having a very edgy cut with it. Yes, one of my favorite color is pink and I couldn't deny myself this beautiful jacket. Or I should say, thanks Padre! (NOTE: I rarely get gifts from my parents. Majority of the clothes/makeup/outings that I have/do is funded by me!) 

FALL IS FINALLY HERE! I'm so excited for pumpkin picking, layering and the changing of the leaves. I have been craving the fall season for the longest time now! I'm so excited for the upcoming weeks! I have some amazing outfits planned. The next few posts contain amazing locations as well as amazing outfits. 

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Jacket: GUESS (SOLD OUT, Similar Style

Jeans: Michael Kors

Shoes: ALDO Edelirien

Photography by Isabell Tan