Lounging with Cozy 037

With the new hair color, I have been loving pairing outfits my  new hair. 

Dark hues have been my favorite colors to wear for winter. It's easy to blend colors and textures together. Since it chilly, you can create so many looks with textures that work well together. One of the easiest outfits to wear is an all black outfit. However, if you add some texture with sweaters or accessories then it will let you experiment with new ways of dressing. 

With the recent hair change, I have been wearing black with browns and dark golds. I love how it compliments the highlights in my hair as well as bring out the colors. It's still winter and I'm feeling darker textures as well as being more comfortable with my outfits. 

Spring is coming! I'm so excited! It's one of my favorite seasons ever. The warm weather, the flowers blooming and butterflies!

See you guys next week!


Sweater: Forever 21

Vest: Cynthia Rowley (No Longer Available)

Jeans: Calvin Klein 

Heels: Forever 21

Necklace: H&M (Similar Style)

Lipstick: Burberry

Photography by Isabell Tan