Look Back At It 033

I'm always up for an adventure. Especially if it's during twilight and the weather is moody. 


My winter wardrobe has been dark hues and dark patterns. The majority of my color scheme is white and black. Winter is the only season that I'm not a big fan of. I tend to dress in monochrome neutral colors since spring is when I wear the most colors. 

Everyday wear is more casual in the winter since I would like to be warm. However, there are crazy days in NYC where the temperature is just like a spring day. I live for these types of days since I do not have to layer as much. 

One of my favorite pieces to wear is a simplistic shirt that has a surprise. The back of this tank top has a chiffon backing that is sheer and it allows me to play with textures. With a bralette that has a simplistic cage design, it brings interest to the outfit. Most people won't expect that when you turn around! 



Hat: Target

Tank Top: H&M (Not Available, Similar Style)

Bralette: EXPRESS (Not Available. Similar Style)

Jacket: Forever 21

Pants: PacSun (Not Available, Similar Style)

Heels: ALDO (Not Available, Similar Style)

Photography by Isabell Tan