Lilac & Denim White 006

Here's the crazy story behind this day/post!

I recently went to the spa with my really good girlfriend, Azure. (We've been close friends for 4 years now!) After the spa, we went to Cafe 1 of a Kind. (Obvi!) Anyways, when we were exiting the parking lot in my car kinda broke down. 😔

However, a really kind gentleman helped by jumpstarting my car with some cables. Even though I'm in independent women, I don't have cables. 😂 After our meal, we went to Manhasset and relaxed. The ambience of Americana Manhasset is amazingly mature and calm. Of course since Azure is moving away soon, we were having a quick photo shoot together. 


One of my staples for summer are white jeans! Especially these jeans from Michael Kors. They end at the ankle, which is just right for my petite frame. It's a little destroyed, here and there, but it's one of my favorite jeans!

We all know body suits are all the rage right now! I'm desperately trying to find the perfect one. Still on the hunt! I love tucking in my shirts to create a seamless line, weather it's a tank top or blouse. This lilac tank top/blouse is from Express. One of my favorite tank tops ever is the Barcelona Cami. I have about...5 of them. Listen, I don't have a problem. They fit so well and the quality is amazing! AND, they're reversible! 2 in 1! 


Jeans - Michael Kors (Current pair cannot be found, but found an alternative.)

Blouse - EXPRESS

Shoes - Aldo

Photography by Azure Maravilla