Greys and Hues 036

I wonder what changed?


 I changed my hair! This is actually the first time that I changed my hair to something like this! I've always had my long black hair that I was content with. However, I wanted a change for 2017 and decided to kick it up a notch with a new hair color and a haircut!

I chopped off about 4 inches and then had my fringe pieces cut to frame my face. Then my colorist went in a did a whole balayage around the ends. We decided on a honey caramel for the ends and then partial highlights around my head. 

I'm in love with my hair and I've been waiting to tell you guys for the longest time! I haven't posted anything ever since I got my hair changed since I wanted to give you guys the first look!

You guys know how obsessed I am with rose gold! However, I am in love with silver statement necklaces with a grey tee. They compliment each other and the shirt doesn't look basic. 

The past few days have been gorgeous in NYC and I defiantly took advantage of it! I paired my tee with a light jacket and my favorite black jeans. The one thing that I am obsessed with are the shoes! The Valentino Rock Studs are beautiful but so expensive! I saw these shoes and I just had to scoop them up! I get so many compliments when I wear these shoes!

Spring will be coming soon! I'm already having ideas for outfits! But for now, winter is still here. 

Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: H&M

Necklace: H&M (No Longer Available, Similar Style)

Bracelet: Coconut Lane

Pants: Calvin Klein

Shoes: No Brand


Photography by Isabell Tan