Gray in Scale

Back to school is just a bore sometimes. But when you're dressed to your confidence level, you can take on anything. 


Gray is a very popular color for the Autumn season. It's a great color to mix transitional shades. It's slowly transitioning to the colder weather. You can still get away with wearing open toe shoes and skirts. 

I love wearing dresses that are easy to wear. What I look for in a dress is a soft fabric that allows the body to move throughout the day. This dress from TOBI gives that feeling with also giving shape to your body. It's one of my new additions to my wardrobe and I love it already! It's a dress for everyday wear and also dinner dates. 

With the chilly days coming, a leather jacket is a perfect way to tie the whole look together. It's a great way to add some texture and also some edge. Getting a leather jacket is a whole other challenge in itself since the material and also the fit can be tricky. I tend to like my leather jackets to give a more fitted silhouette and the sleeves to be right near my wrist. My greatest find in a Marshalls? This leather jacket!

And of course...a pair of heels and some coffee. Remember, you don't have to wear heels with every outfit! Just pick out shoes that make you feel great and that are comfortable with you!

Dress: TOBI

Jacket: Ci Sono by Cavallini

Shoes: No Brand

Photography by Isabell Tan

Thanks to TOBI & Hasbrouck House