éternel optimiste 010

This is me, in my natural habitat. White marble and an iced caramel macchiato.

Lazy days requires no fuss pants. Here's a secret: I don't own any pair of sweatpants. I find sweatpants makes me look lazy and unprepared, in general. Just my own personal preference! However, I do love lazy days. These black heirloom pants are from PacSun. I use these pants when I'm feeling a lazy day or I don't want to put effort into my look. It does the trick and people always ask where I got them. 

Best thing about these pants, when I tuck shirts into them..it looks flawless! Obviously it's pretty humid in the summer. I paired the outfit with a white graphic tank top that actually extends past the waist. The tank top is actually from Poolhouse LA which is a men's lifestyle brand. Shh! Still looks good anyways! 😉  Poolhouse LA has pieces that can be considered unisex, which gives so many options to create new outfits.

This outfit is great for work, dinner dates with friends and brunch dates with girlfriends. It's one of my lazy day outfits that still looks put together. Similar outfits will do just well. Just be cautious of the colors that you pair with this outfit!

One of my favorite past times is to drink some coffee with a girlfriend and people watch. I love watching people go about their lives and also get some fashion inspiration. Cafes and bakeries are my thang! 🙋🏻  Coffee...is my weakness, besides Golden Retrievers! Listen, Gilmore Girls has nothing on me. Well...maybe. Anyways, coffee dates are a great way to spend time with your favorite people. 

One of my favorite places to hang out is at The French Workshop. It's a quaint little bakery that has very strong French influences and beautiful decor. If I was a bakery, The French Workshop, would be me. Thank you to the staff for allowing me to take pictures and giving me great coffee!

Tank: Poolhouse LA

Pants: PacSun

Shoes: INC - International Concepts (Similar Style!)

Lipstick - BITE BEAUTY | LILLY (Custom Color)

Here is what it looks like when a blogger is in her natural habitat and taking a picture of her coffee. 


Photography by Isabell Tan

NOTE: I am not being paid to promote anything in this post. All opinions are mine.