Creme Lace 009

It's hot in NYC!

Recently, we've been having a heat wave that has been making it difficult to go outside. The temperature has gone up to the high nineties, which I would be happier being at home. Since it's so hot out, tank tops and shorts seem like the best decision. 

One of my favorite outfits to wear in the summer is a light cream top and matching shorts. This outfit is from Forever 21. However,  they are sold as different pieces. With all of the similar design and material, I thought it would fit perfectly together. The cream tank top is light and airy while the shorts are comfortable to walk around in. 

I am guilty...I have worn these shorts as pjs. They are so soft and comfortable to wear. I usually wear these shorts paired with the top, which most people would assume is a set. I have been asked by some girlfriends if the outfit is a set. Sorry babes, they are separates. 

Monochrome styles seem like the sleekest way to look effortless. I paired the outfit with a statement necklace that captures attention in the best way possible. It also pairs well with the color scheme of the look. 

Since the outfit is more neutral, I chose a bracelet with some hints of bronze and silver. It's a great way to tie the outfit together and have some arm candy along. It's one of the bracelets that I wear often, depending on the outfit. 

Last but not least...the bag. I grabbed this bag from H&M for about $14.99 and I have used this bag constantly. We all now know my obsession with white, so I wear this bag a lot of the times. It carries so many things and hangs at the hips with the right  amount of distance between the body and bag. 

Currently, the outfit is not in stores anymore as well as the shoes. However, many stores carry similar styles at affordable prices! 

P.S. It was 95 degrees outside...I don't know how I do not look dead in these photos. However, setting spray and powder are the keys to success. ;) 

Top: Forever 21 (Similar Style!)

Shorts: Forever 21 (Similar style!)

Necklace: H&M (Limited Stock in Stores!)

Bracelet: American Eagle (Similar Style!)

Bag: H&M (SOLD OUT, But I found the same bag in different color!)

Shoes: Target

Lipstick: YSL 62L800

Photography by Isabell Tan