Cozy Days In 028

Rainy days are perfect for laying in bed and have a lazy day.


Today was overcast with clouds and rain and I stayed in bed. However, I did call Isabell over and we have a quick photo session. We maybe also ordered pasta and garlic bread and we watched Netflix. One of my favorite days to spend with one of my besties. 

It's almost the New Year! I'm excited to spend the New Years with one of very close friends and expect a whole blog post on that in the upcoming week! Getting back onto topic, lazy days requires no effort and no fuss with clothing. While I love being a fashion blogger, I also love dressing down. A simple tee and leggings are one of the most comfortable outfits that I wear. 

We all know that I tend to get very lazy sometimes and a graphic tee that says "No Pants Are The Best Pants" is a new purchase from Isabell for Christmas. It's so soft and comfortable! And finally, leggings. Every girl's essential and favorite!

See you guys in the new year!

Photography by Isabell Tan