Coffee Mornings

When you need a caffeine fix and you get your photographer take pics. 


August! I can't believe this summer has flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday when summer vacation has started. Even though I'm currently not in school, I still need my caffeine fix. 

Coffee is one of my favorite drinks to have. Especially a caramel macchiato. Getting coffee in the morning is a great way to start your day. I've been trying to cut down on my caffeine intake...but that's not really working. :P

It's been chilly for the past week in NYC. This has been one of my favorite outfits to wear so far. Since I work in the creative field, it's also great for business meetings in cafes and hanging out with friends. 

See you guys next week! 

Blazer: Yoox 

Blouse: Forever 21

Jeans: American Eagle

Booties: Forever 21



Photography by Isabell Tan