Chilly Mornings 026

Winter morning walks is one of my favorite activities to do for the cold mornings.

Waking up in cold mornings will often probe me to stay in bed until the wee hours of the afternoon. (I wish.) However, if I do wake up early enough in the mornings, then I love to have a quick walk at the park. Walking through the crunchy leaves is one of the most satisfactory things that you can ever feel. 

With the weather getting colder and colder, it wakes me up instantly when I go out for walks. Usually, I do not take any pictures when I'm just going on a walk but couldn't help it since it was so pretty with the dead leaves on the ground. Plus, one of my besties was there with I made her take photos of me! (Don't worry, we switched and I took cute pics of her!)

Brisk mornings is a great way to get your heart pumping when you're taking a stroll. A cardigan is one of the best layers you can wear for the winter season. Typically in my wardrobe, I have cardigans in neutral color schemes. However, I do like to wear some patterns. The cardigan is a staple in my winter wardrobe since it's the perfect layering piece. Sometimes I wear it with some leggings and a tank top and go about my day. 

Pair anything with jeans and a neutral top is one of the most effortless ways to look put together. Sweaters from Express have some really great styles that I love wearing. They fit well on the body and they also have a great way of feeling luxurious in an affordable way. Turtlenecks have been my go-to this past year. I love how smart it looks and keeps you cozy.

Sweater: Express

Cardigan: Khakis & Co

Jeans: H&M

Booties: Forever 21

Photography by Jeannine Atanasoski