Casual Dates 030

Forget lunch dates, I'm all for dessert dates!

New Year's Resolutions? No thanks! I've been loving life and I'm having a wonderful time just being myself. Desserts are one of my favorite meals to have. (Yes, desserts are considered a meal in my world!) It's the best reward after a long day! 

The weather was beautiful today with high temperatures in the fifties. I decided to break out my heels and grab some dessert with Isabell. I wanted to have an outfit that allowed movement and enough room for dessert. So...I decided to wear these trousers from Forever 21 that are so comfortable. I tend to wear more business casual these items fit the bill. 

Trousers are a great piece to start building a wardrobe. Another classic is a black and white striped tee! Add these two together and you got an outfit to build off of. I decided to pair the ensemble with a nude pair of heels and a white leather jacket!


Shoutout to the Spot Dessert Bar for being amazing and letting my crash in there to take photos!

And thanks for having the best staff and iced teas!


Shirt: H&M

Pants: Forever 21

Leather Jacket: Forever 21

Heels: Aldo

Photography by Isabell Tan