Caged Black 008

The black t-shirt strikes again!

I'm telling you, t-shirts are the best things to wear. Especially if you're lazy and don't want to put in that much effort into your look. One of my favorite ways to wear a simple tee is to tuck it into a high-waisted skirt. When you tuck the shirt into the skirt, it cinches at the waist and gives you a shape. If you wear the outfit with the same color, it gives off a much more monochrome and put together look. 

Shooting this outfit was actually pretty hectic! It was a last minute shoot. However, it was so much fun! Shoutout to my POTD (Photographer of the Day), Isabell Tan! We grabbed some coffee before this shoot and obviously that played a role in this! ;)

The skirt is from Express, which is one of my favorite stores. The asymmetrical detail is what really attracted me to this skirt. I waited until it was on sale before I grabbed it. The skirt has a stretchy material that wraps around the body very nicely. (Insert peach emoji here.) 

But..we are all here for one thing! The shoes!

These shoes were made to be a conversation starter! I'm having a love affair with them! I recently ordered from MissGuided for the very first time! These heels were originally priced $79 USD but I got them on sale for $21.99! However, as of now the shoes are no longer available.

MissGuided was offering a 20% off student discount that included the sale. So at the time, I placed an order from them and also got free shipping. I know that many people had different experience with MissGuided, but I had a really positive experience. I placed my order on a Saturday night. MissGuided is based in the UK, so I expected the shipping to be a little bit longer. I got my package on the following Friday. The overall fit of the clothing I got was great and the heels fit perfectly fine too. MissGuided also offers discounts for students through UNIDays! (And no, I am not paid or sponsored by MissGuided!)  


Tee: Forever 21

Skirt: Express

Heels: MissGuided



Photography by Isabell Tan