Black 002

Rushing out of the house, sometimes I don't know what to wear. My go-to outfit would be a romper. It is the perfect outfit for summer. Using the bathroom, however, is another story.  

Rompers are so versatile. It can either be dressed up or dressed down, just like a white button up top. My favorite romper by Fire Los Angeles is one of my pieces in my wardrobe. I got it at TJ Max for $20.  This time, I did not add any accessories to my outfit. The overall lace design spoke by itself. There was no need to add anything else to the outfit. 


NEW ITEM!!! Here's a quick story/rant: I hate sunglasses. Let me re-phrase this: I can't find any sunglasses that looks good on me. I have a typical Asian girl face with NO NOSE BRIDGE. With that being said, I have been on a hunt to find the perfect sunglasses that would fit my face. AND I HAVE FOUND IT! BEHOLD!


Photography by Jeannine Atanasoski