Aloha Beaches 048

Summer, my love, has finally returned. 

I've officially become a beach bunny and I'm soaking up the rays! The beach is one of my favorite places in the world and somewhere I can truly relax. It's time to get a tan and enjoy the waves. The hardships of the spring semester of college are over and time to just relax. One of my favorite beaches in NY is Long Beach. They have a cute boardwalk and the sand is pretty clean. 

My love of white clothing has translated into my beach wear. I've been obsessed with this white bikini and cover up. It's the perfect semi-sheer top! It's a perfect look for the Hamptons. 

We all know that sun protection starts with prevention. As much as I love to tan, I want to keep my skin as healthy as it can be. That's why I bring a hat to the beach. It keeps the sun out and it's also really cute. So, Aloha Beaches. ;) 


Bikini: Victoria's Secret (No Longer Available)

Cover Up: Forever 21

Hat: Forever 21 (No Longer Available, Similar Style 1 & 2)

Sunnies: GUESS


Photography by Isabell Tan