Active 005

Basic uniform for my workouts: leggings, sports bra, jacket and sneakers. 

Even if you're working out and sweating, there's no rule saying that you can't look cute. 


One of my must-needs is a high impact sports bra. I rotate my workouts to include jogging and high interval training. Knowing that the girls are secure is always much appreciated. A good bra is like a friend; hard to find, supportive, comfortable, lifts you up and makes you look good, and is always close to your heart. ;)

As you can tell, my workout gear is quite...bright. I love loud colors for my workout clothes. It's a great way to give me a quick energy boost. Bright colors are not usually in my wardrobe. That's why I translate it into my workout clothes. It's one of the ways I can still express myself. 

The jacket is from Nike and what is great about it is the design of it. It has holes in the jacket that allows for my body to breath as well as being quickdry.

Anyways...I am not one of those people who love to workout. I wish I was! One of my favorite apps to work out to is the Nike+ Training Club app. It's a beautiful app that has already has tons of workouts and different trainers to help motivate you. There are amazing various types of workouts that range from yoga to intensive cardio. Best part, it's free!

Here are my essentials:

Hair tie

Aqua a.k.a H2o - I love having a Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle. It keeps my water cold or hot, depending on what liquid I place into the bottle. (And yes, it's rose gold.)

Outfit Details

Jacket - Nike

Sports Bra - Nike

Leggings - Aerie

Sneakers - Nike

An actual photo of me, after I workout, dying...

Photography by Rachel Martinez