Physicians Formula

You know, many people say that to prevent getting wrinkles and premature lines is to wear sunscreen. I already do but sometimes you just forget to. Well...what if your makeup also duped as sunscreen? 2-in-1? I'll take it!

I recently got hold of Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady Line. 

It's a line dedicated to making you look #InstaReady while offering you SPF 30 sun protection. Best of both worlds. The line is promised to do:

  • #InstantPerfection: Ultra-lightweight formula glides on effortlessly, instantly smoothing & rebalancing skin with dual-sphere particles that absorb oil but not moisture for perfectly balanced skin and a smooth semi-matte finish. Complexion is instantly selfie-ready!

  • Multi-tasking BB cream neutralizes skin tone imbalances, minimizes shine and visibly reduces pores, instantly hiding imperfections and smoothing the appearance of fine lines while protecting with SPF 30.

  • Featuring InstaFilter Technology, a proprietary blend of mattifying and pore balancing spherical beads, color filter pigments and high-tech polymers that work together to instantly optimize light reflection, blur imperfections and visibly retexturize skin, while protecting against UVA/UVB damage with SPF 30. 

Ever since I received these products, I have been using them non-stop. Not because I am obsessed, but I wanted to try out these products for 2 weeks before I wrote about them. However...I am now obsessed.

Super BB #InstaReady Beauty Balm BB Cream SPF30 - Since it is summer, I am very dark for my 'winter' foundation. The BB Cream does wonders while is the perfect shade for my skin tone as of this moment. The shade that I am using is Light/Medium. I like to wet either my beauty blender or my foundation brush first, before I apply the BB cream. Wetting the brush/beauty blender allows the product to be applied a little more smoothly and evenly. 

The product is medium coverage and can be buildable. It is a great product for those days where foundation seems a little bit too heavy. With powder and setting spray, the BB cream stays pretty well. New York has been having a heat wave the past week and this BB cream lived up to my expectations.

What I also love about this product is the SPF that is in it. We all know that prevention is key. So to avoid getting wrinkles, dark spots and discoloration in our skin later in life, use sunscreen with at least SPF 30. With those days that we might forget to put on our sunscreen, the BB cream gives us an extra layer of protection. 

The BB Cream retails for $14.95 USD.  

Super BB #InstaReady Filter Trio BB Powder SPF 30 - Obviously using foundation or a BB cream is not set without setting powder! The powder that is in the Super BB line is a great setting powder. It has 3 shades in the actual powder; #NudeFilter, #HealthyGlow and #Sunset. 

#NudeFilter - It is a sheer, translucent finishing powder that captures and diffuses light to deliver a soft nude glow.

#HealthyGlow - It blends warm and cool pigments together to soften and diffuse light that instantly brightens your complexion.

#Sunset - A universally flattering powder that blurs imperfections and enhances overall complexion with a subtle warmth around the skin. 

Usually I just swirl all of these together with my powder brush and apply it to my face. It is a very soft powder that instantly melts into your face and gives a glowing look. The actual container has a compartment that opens up with a small brush and a small mirror. 

The brush is very sturdy and soft. It's a great on-the-go brush if you don't enough time to set your foundation/BB cream. 

The BB Powder retails for $14.95 USD. 

Super BB #InstaReady Filter BB Bronzer

Bronzer is a way of life for me! You do not understand how much bronzer means to me. I started to wear bronzer back in high school in junior year. I started to get into contouring from bronzing and that opened a whole new world for me. The bronzer is in a pressed powder format and when I swatch it, the powder is soft and goes on evenly. I tend to use this bronzer to set my cream contour and to also create depth on my face. 

My facial structure is not as pronounced as I wish it was. With contouring and highlighting, that created a whole new structure for my face and brought out my cheekbones. The bronzer does have shimmer. However, the shimmer is so finely milled that you do not really see it. 

The BB Bronzer retails for $14.95 USD. 

Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick - Blush Trio

Out of all the products in this line, the Blush stick is not my most favorite. It swatches beautifully and it has a great color payoff. However, the color is a little bit too intense for my liking. I find that I have to blend it a little bit more then usual compared to my other blushes. It is a great tool for on the go! 

My only concern with this product is the packaging stick. Since it is a cream, it might be a little bit more sticky when you place it in a hot environment. When I first got this in the package and opened it, I accidentally bumped into it. That caused the product to slightly move to the right. After using the stick a few more times, I could see some of the product melting onto the side of the actual stick. You need to make sure that if you do use this product, then you must make sure you take care of the packaging. 

Overall, I would not purchase this product. It is a great product overall but not what I would reach for every day. 

The BB Blush Stick retails for $12.95 USD.  

Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick - Bronze Trio

Guys....guys! This is my absolute favorite product overall from the Super BB line. I use this product every day and I love how seamless this blends into my skin. When I first opened up this product, I knew instantly that this was my favorite! I didn't even bother swatching it first on my hand. I applied it to my face and I fell in love! The cream contour is amazing and it the transition shade is so nice. The middle shade does have shimmer in it but when you blend it out, you can hardly see it. The last and darkest shade is a matte contour shade that is the actual contour shade. 

I tend to use my Real Techniques contouring brush to buff out the cream contour. Then I like to make sure it's blended into my cheeks. I only use this BB stick only for my cheeks, since I have a highlighter built into it. I prefer using a brush rather than my own hands. 

The only thing that I am concerned about is the same concern I have for the brush trio. But overall, it is my favorite product in the whole line and I would defiantly purchase it with my own money. 

The BB Bronzer Stick retails for $12.95 USD.



FTC Disclaimer: I was sent these products by Physicians Formula. I am not compensated for this blog post nor for an social media post about these products. All opinions are my own.