A Day in My Life

There's a billion things that I have to get done through out the day. Usually, it's mostly for the blog! There's a few things that I do; school, work, social time and other things. 

Here's a Day in My Life!

Dec. 22

11 AM - Shooting/Working on Pictures

12 PM - Lunch Date with Isabell

2 PM - Sitting in a cafe and working on blog posts

Throughout the day, my activities vary.

However, today was just a shooting and writing day. Isabell and I usually love going to our favorite cafe and work on our things. She tends to work on creative things while I work on my blog. And yes, it is the typical cafe that a blogger would be at. 

We finished off the day just catching up and planning our next few ideas for photoshoots!

Thanks for following me on my day! See you guys soon!