Different Plans, Different Thoughts and Different Events

We all know that having a plan in life is a good guide line to follow. However, we also know that our life plans will most likely not be exactly what we planned. 

Whether we took a different direction in a chapter of our lives or we decided to do something new, these choices are something we need to stick to. Our choices and the results helps us grow as people. It's a learning process and will continue to be. We will never stop learning and gaining new experiences. 

Even if you have a PhD, you will always have something new to learn and grow. 

1. Nothing will stop. 

You might feel lost or scared about the direction you are heading down in life. New choices and experiences are something that you are bound to come across. Time and the world will not stop. The best thing to understand about time is it will always continue to go. 

2. When Will My Reflection Show, Who I Am Inside?

Choices are not easy to decide upon. Whether those choices will be a positive or negative impact on you, it all comes down on what you decide to do with your life. We all know that sometimes our choices will have some negative results. Look upon yourself and decide what you want in your life. It's your life and your choice. The one thing that people always want is to be happy. Your choices will impact your happiness and your quality of life. Reflect on what goes into your choices and how it will affect you. 

3. It might be a blessing in disguise. 

Not everything will go your own way. Your choices can bring something you didn't expect. It could be a new person in your life, new connections or new experiences. Don't be quick to judge the decision until you dive into it. The choices that might make you the happiest in life may not be the one you would necessarily choose. 

4. Won't stop, can't stop. 

Never stop. Never stop changing yourself, learning, creating, loving and living. You need to change as a human being and learn new things. If someone said that you have changed in a negative tone...Bye Felicia! You cannot grow if you don't change. We are humans that are constantly learning and experiencing life. The amount of drive and ambition that we all have is something that needs to be let out. The drive will get you there, the ambition will keep you there and the hunger will motivate you there. 

5. Forecasts will never be exact. 

Just like the weather, your plans will never be exact. That's one of the things about life that we all need to be thankful for. Nothing will be exactly what you imagined and nothing will be what you will want life to be. Having a constant change in life is what is offered to us. It might be stormy or it might be sunny in your life, but those are all changes that will occur naturally. If you are having a stormy time...there will always be a rainbow after the storm. And if there is sun in your life, bask in it's warmth and cherish it. 

6. It's Not Me, It's You

The constant social exchange that we have now is abundant with our everyday lives. We surround ourselves with certain people and sometimes those relationships can get toxic. Knowing when to cut that relationship before it gets toxic is something that is needed. We all have different plans in life and our friends/romantic interests will not always be with us on our journey. We all change and grow with other people. Sometimes it's best to know when to cut ties with a relationship that does not offer you anything. Never be sorry for something that you know causes yourself pain. 

*In you are going through a friendship(s) breakup, read my survival guide.